Looking for Car Repair Assistance For Single Moms? If Yes, Then this article is for you.

Some necessities in life can’t be lived without a car, and it’s not a luxury. Especially for single mothers, the disabled, elderly, and other people of low income, the car is a safe and comfortable means of communication. Car repair may be a cost that could be more affordable and manageable for single mothers despite the ease of car ownership.

A car is an essential part of a safe transportation system. It is very difficult for single moms when they do not have a car or don’t maintain their car. The car may need to be repaired, but their limited income means they cannot afford it. 

Because a single mom is the only earner in the family, she struggles with her limited income. It is easier for single moms to take care of their children, go to work, and shop when they have a car, so the importance of providing car repair assistance to single moms can be seen in this regard same as Personal Grants for Single Mothers.

What are Car Repair Assistance for Single Moms?

What are Car Repair Assistance for Single Moms?
What are Car Repair Assistance for Single Moms?

A car repair assistance program can include any help to get the car running again. It can be very useful to single mothers with low incomes who cannot afford the cost of their car’s repair. There are various forms of car repair assistance, such as financial assistance, discounts, free service, and roadside assistance.

Why Car Repair Assistance for Single Moms is Important?

Repairing and maintaining a car can be costly. Replacing a car part can cost several hundred dollars, depending on the repair. The government offers low-cost auto repair assistance to thousands of struggling families.

A vehicle requires different types of maintenance and servicing, such as new tires, tune-ups, transmissions, brakes, oil changes, and more. Single mothers also have to pay a considerable amount for this, but they may find it difficult to afford it. For this reason, single moms require assistance with car repair. Those who cannot afford to repair their cars are inclined to use public transportation, which is time-consuming and inconvenient. 

Single moms and low-income people have some resources that understand the need for car repair. Government agencies, nonprofits, and churches help with car repair. This kind of assistance can make their lives smooth and safe.

Government Program That Helps With Car Repair Assistance for Single Moms

Government Program That Helps With Car Repair Assistance for Single Moms
Government Program That Helps With Car Repair Assistance for Single Moms

A few government programs that help with car assistance are available to single mothers who need assistance with auto repair.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

The government administers and monitors the TANF program to help low-income families with children. Single mothers with children can benefit from this government program if they are single mothers with children. The TANF program provides funding for car repairs for eligible participants. You can learn more about the program by visiting the official website.

Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC)

JARC is another well-known federal program that helps low-income families repair their cars. JARC also covers transportation expenses for low-income individuals and families. They offer various services, including paratransit, bus, carpools, and vanpools. The JARC program does not have an official website, so you have to apply directly to the local government agency to apply.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

Among our list of federal programs that support the disabled is Vocational Rehabilitation. This program offers car repair assistance to single mothers and disabled children. A grant from the Rehabilitation Services Administration of the US Department of Education funds this program. If you want to learn more about VR services, you can visit the official website of the Rehabilitation Services Administration or contact your local state office.

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)

The federal government administers Community Service Block Grants (CSBG) to assist various community services. CSBG funds are available to your community, so contact them if you need car repair assistance. The CSBG distributes funds across the country. Visit the official CSBG website to learn more about eligibility and application procedures.

Churches That Help Car Repair For Single Moms

Several churches also assist single mothers and people with low incomes. 

Catholic Charities 

The area has several Catholic Charities, and it is easy to locate this faith-based community. Even a helping hand is extended to single mothers in this community, which is a blessing. You can get assistance from this place when you need urgent car repair assistance. The first thing you notice once you arrive at this location is how they help low-income individuals. You can also get assistance with car repairs if you are lucky. 

Lutheran Faith in Action 

The Lutheran Faith in Action community is also a faith-based organization that provides assistance to the poor. It is so important for single moms to maintain safe transportation, which can be provided through car repair assistance. The Lutheran Churches in your area may be able to help you in your time of need. 

Vincent De Paul 

There is also the Society of St Vincent de Paul near you. There are St. Vincent de Paul offices all over the country, so no matter where you are, you can find what you need. You can get this ready for your car repair assistance when you need it most, and it will make a big difference in your life. 

Auto Repair Good Guy Foundation 

Various foundations ensure you can get free car repairs. Among them is the Auto Repair Good Guy Foundation. Finding trusted mechanics that provide free car repair services may be possible if they cannot help you directly with your car repair. This foundation is located in Arizona, and you may find it easily if you live here. 

A Helping Hand Ministry 

The Helping Hand Ministry may be able to assist you with your car repair needs. This ministry can provide assistance to single moms in need of car repair assistance. Atlanta and Georgia are available for this program. 

The Next Level Church 

The Next Level Church in Charlotte, NC, may be another resource to consider. Single moms can receive assistance with car repairs through this program. Other help may be available in the form of labor for minors, auto repairs, and auto repair services. Additionally, you can take advantage of their auto repair assistance program when needed. 

Nonprofit Organizations That Help With Car Repair Assistance for Single Moms

Some nonprofits help with car repair assistance for single moms apart from government programs.

Maintenance for Moms (MFM)

Maintain for Moms (MFM) is another nonprofit organization that offers assistance to single mothers with their car repairs. The nonprofit organization was established by Ashot Iskandarian and Annie Iskandarian in 2016. A single mother of Annie has experienced very difficult phases, so they decided to help struggling single mothers. The Maintenance for Moms program provides various services, including repairs, free oil changes, free servicing, and assistance purchasing a new car.

The Salvation Army 

Among the renowned nonprofit organizations, the Salvation Army is one that provides assistance. The Salvation Army can assist needy people when they contact their local center. Single moms can receive assistance from this organization regarding car repair. The nonprofit works with the government to help the less fortunate.

Salvation Army may offer assistance to single mothers in need if they know the application process. Your eligibility may also be subject to certain conditions, such as your income and family situation. 

The Carpenters Garage 

The Carpenters Garage will be one of the many options available to single mothers regarding car repair. Through its partnership with the federal government, the nonprofit organization provides possible assistance in car repairs for single moms. The organization strongly believes that helping people in need is an act of compassion for society as a whole.

Several types of engine tuning and oil inspection services are available. To ensure you can get assistance with car repair from this place, check out their ongoing program. There may be a small fee for carrying out such services. 

The Hub Garage

The Hub Garage was created in 2020 by a group of single mothers who had difficulty paying for car repairs. It is an organization that offers free car repair help to struggling single mothers who cannot afford to repair their cars. Several repair shops across the country also collaborate with the organization.

The Hub Garage offers special Car Repair Assistance for Single Mothers to those who meet specific eligibility requirements. You must bring your vehicle to a garage partnered with The Hub Garage for repairs. After you fill out your form, the Hub Garage will review it.

How To Find Car Repair Assistance For Single Moms?

How To Find Car Repair Assistance For Single Moms?
How To Find Car Repair Assistance For Single Moms?

Assistance can be provided whenever people need assistance to make their lives easier and more enjoyable. However, a variety of factors may affect program availability. Also, single mothers’ needs are considered urgent to improve their lives.

The government and some organizations specifically target those who need assistance badly and whose reality differs from the rest. Thus, single moms might need to find resources to ensure they can also get car repair assistance. 

Find Online: Searching online has made finding anything so easy. Single moms can search online for car repair near me and explore many resources to start their search when they need assistance. 

 Call 211. This number can be used in an emergency to reach you and explain what you need. If you need assistance, you can call this number to connect to the resources provided by this number. 

Be There for Those You Love. Discussing this issue with a friend or family member is helpful to ensure you can get assistance with car repair. You can also find resources through relatives, friends, and family members. 

Find it Physically: After learning about some resources, single moms can visit places where they can receive free auto repair assistance. There may be some nonprofits near their location that they need to visit. Nonprofit organizations in every community can provide first-hand assistance. 

Eligibility Requirements To Get Help With Car Repair Assistance for Single Moms

The following are some common eligibility criteria you must fulfill to get free car assistance or car repair assistance for single mothers. It depends on the program, however, what the eligibility criteria are. The following are some basic eligibility criteria that you must meet:

  • A valid driver’s license is required.
  •  Your household must have a low income or at least below the poverty level in the area where you live.
  •  A car is urgently needed due to medical, educational, or work requirements.
  •  The vehicle must be your own; rented vehicles will not be accepted.
  •  There must be a possibility of repairing the vehicle.

How To Apply For Car Repair Assistance For Single Moms?

Several steps need to be taken to apply for single-mom car repair assistance:

Research Available Programs

Investigate programs and resources that provide car repair assistance specifically to single mothers in your area. Government programs, nonprofit organizations, local charities, and initiatives can provide these assistance programs.

Get in Touch with Social Services Agencies

If you need assistance with car repair, contact your local social services department to inquire about programs and resources available to single mothers. If they are unable to provide you with information on government-funded programs, they may be able to refer you to other organizations that can.

Check Out Nonprofit Organizations

You can find nonprofit organizations that cater to single parents and women in need by looking for those organizations that provide assistance to these individuals. These organizations may provide grants, low-interest loans, or direct assistance with car repairs. Contact them directly for more information about their eligibility criteria and application process.

Visit Community Centers and Churches 

Individuals in need, including single mothers, can find assistance programs at community centers, churches, and religious organizations. Contact these organizations for information about resources and programs available for car repair assistance.

Apply for Grants or Loans 

It is possible to qualify for low-interest loans or grants specifically for car repairs through some programs or organizations. You must follow the eligibility criteria and submit all required documents and your grant or loan application.

Make Sure You Provide Documentation

Please prepare documents to support your application. These documents could include proof of income, proof of single parenting, proof of vehicle ownership, and documentation regarding the repairs needed. Before applying for assistance, make sure you have all the necessary documentation.

Follow Application Instructions

When submitting an application for help with car repairs, follow the instructions provided by the organization or program. If additional information or documentation is requested, ensure the forms are filled out accurately.

Keep Records

Record all communications, documents, and interactions related to the vehicle repair assistance application. A copy of the application form, correspondence with the organization, and any receipts or invoices associated with the repair should be included.

Follow Up

Once your application has been submitted, follow up with the organization or program to confirm that it is being processed and inquire about its status. Follow up politely but persistently.

Single moms who follow these steps and seek assistance can increase their chances of receiving car repair assistance.

Documents Required To Get Help With Car Repair Assistance for Single Moms

You can apply for assistance with car repairs for single moms by submitting the following documents:

  • You will need your car insurance papers.
  •  The document that proves you own the car (its registration papers).
  •  A single mother’s document is required to prove your status. Therefore, you must provide your children’s birth certificates.
  •  Income proof can be provided through bank statements, tax returns, or salary slips.
  •  Proof of residency must include a mortgage statement, lease agreement, and utility bill.

Average Cost Of Car Repair

A single mother may not be able to manage the cost of car repairs due to low-to-high repair costs. Due to different and complicated faults, single mothers may have to pay between $100 and $1000. Single mothers may find these costs are beyond their capacity, affecting their monthly budget.

Car Repair/MaintenanceDescription
Average Car Repair CostSingle mothers may find it extremely difficult to cover the $500 to $600 average repair cost.
The Average Cost of Car MaintenanceThe average cost of car maintenance may differ based on the car’s age and model. There may be a cost of $792 for car maintenance each year.
Several Simple Car RepairsThe first three car repairs are simple but may also cost money. A simple bumper replacement might cost $900, for example.

How To Get Cheap Car Repair Near Me

There are several methods you can use to find cheap auto repair in your area:

Comparing Prices: You should contact several local auto repair shops and garages to get quotes for the service or repair you require and compare prices.

Use Online Platforms: You can find local repair shops and read reviews on websites like Yelp, Google Maps, or Angie’s List. Make sure the shop you choose has good reviews and a reasonable price.

Discounts and special offers: Some repair shops offer discounts to new customers, referrals, or certain types of repairs. Contact the vendor to learn if there are any promotions or special offers that might help you reduce the cost.

You can negotiate with the Repair Shop. Some repair shops may be willing to negotiate prices with you, especially if you have multiple repairs or are a repeat customer. When discussing pricing options, remain polite but firm.

 Search for Independent Mechanics: There may be a better price difference between independent mechanics or smaller local garages than large chain repair shops. They may also be more willing to negotiate.

Ask Friends, Family, or Coworkers. Seek recommendations from friends, family, or coworkers for affordable and reliable auto repair shops. A personal referral can be a valuable resource when choosing a repair shop.

Look for Coupons or Deals. Some car repair shops advertise coupons on their websites and in local newspapers. These promotions can save you money on repairs.

Self-help or DIY Options. If you have the needed parts, you can save money by doing basic car maintenance or repairing yourself. However, ensure you have the appropriate tools and knowledge to accomplish the task safely and effectively.

Verify the warranty coverage. Some repairs may be covered by your warranty at no cost to you while the car is still under warranty. Reviewing your warranty documentation or contacting the manufacturer can help determine if your repair qualifies for warranty coverage.

The following strategies will help you find affordable car repair services near you without sacrificing quality or reliability.


What is the Process for Applying for Car Repair Assistance?

They receive funds from the government and provide assistance as part of their work with the nonprofit organization. As a result, the nonprofit organization can provide auto repair, maintenance, and transportation for single mothers or other needy people. The application procedure for such assistance can be found on the organization’s website. 

How Much Financial Assistance is Offered by Car Repair Assistance Programs?

The amount of financial assistance you will receive varies from program to program, so it isn’t possible to estimate exactly how much you will get. The amount of financial assistance you will receive depends on the condition of your car.

Are There Low-Cost or Interest-Free Loans for Single Mothers?

Several local credit unions and banks, such as a local credit union, provide low-interest or no-cost loans for car repairs. People can apply for these programs if they can explain that they are in a financial crisis due to rising costs and the inability to pay for car repairs. 

Can Single Mothers Get Assistance with Auto Insurance?

Several resources are available to car repair customers when they need them urgently. Since car or auto insurance is an additional cost associated with the vehicle, a car or auto insurance policy can also be assisted. By explaining their current circumstances, single mothers can get discounts and lower deductibles. Depending on her circumstances, a single mother may also be eligible for state programs. 


The needs of single moms in auto repair are important because life for a single mom differs from that of other women in the community. Their pain is heartbreaking, too, since they are single mothers. Several organizations and government agencies assist single moms with their basic needs and make their lives easier. It would help if you did your research and study before applying for assistance from those organizations to determine whether you are eligible.


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